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  • PVC Strip Curtains

    We are the manufactures of the different variety PVC strip curtains as per the requirement of industries. They have a very good client which involves the wide range of malls, hospitals, laboratories, workshops etc. These curtains are made of polyvinyl chloride which makes this product affordable without any compromise to its quality. We are having more than 15 years of experience which company shared with its customers through customization, installation, support & maintenance.

    Benefits of using PVC Strip Curtains:- Few of the vast list of benefits are listed below.
    • Due to the wide range of products user get one point stop for all its needs.
    • Quality of these products is unmatchable in the market.
    • Usage of polyvinyl chloride makes it cost effective.
    • Trained quality manpower enhance satisfaction in services.
    • 24*7 assistance is a feature which gives customers relief in mind.
    • PVC Strip Curtains provide customers lifetime support.
    • It improves the safety of the workplace.

    The Range of products:- PVC Strip Curtains has a wide range of products which help their customers to choose the best-suited product. List of available products are mentioned below
    • PVC soft wall for car wash area
    • PVC strip curtain sliding door
    • PVC soft curtain at heavy vehicle painting area
    • PVC strip curtain and Air Curtain
    • Anti-Insect Amber PVC strip curtains
    • Welding green PVC strip curtain
    • PVC strip curtains for Garment Industry
    • PVC soft walls for food processing industry
    • PVC strip curtains With SS Fixture
    • PVC strip curtains in Food Processing industry
    • PVC strip curtains in the baking industry
    • PVC strip curtains along with hermitical sealed doors
    • PVC soft curtains at luke India
    • PVC soft curtains to create cubicles in Shop Floor

    These are the wide range of curtains in which company is continuously adding range of products as per the requirement of users.

    These products are used to isolate required place from pollutants, noise, chemicals or external air as per the requirement. There are quite beneficial in terms of maintaining temperature as these products isolate required to place and don’t allow heat to transfer.

    Usage of PVC Strip Curtains:-These curtains are usually getting used in pharmaceutical industry as well as in Manufacturing Plants. In Hotels at Kitchen Area, it can be used to keep it away from heat and smell. Places where low temperature needs to be maintained these curtains are of best use as cold storage, freeze zones in dairy industry, healthcare facilities or food processing units.

    PVC Strip Curtains is the best choice at these places because their products are having the capability of retaining heat or chilled air. These curtains are clear so they allow daylight to pass through it, which save electricity cost also. PVC Strip Curtains are good separator from vermin and birds as due to weight these can’t pass by.

    We are best in the industry as we have vast knowledge make them help customers in customization as per their work and workplace requirement. PVC Strip Curtains are known for their fast deliveries as the company delivers pan India as well as in Middle East, Singapore, Maldives, Sri-lanka, Malaysia etc. At few places, the company provides direct installation support and for rest, they have good tie-ups. This range of network helps them to give best in class installation services.

  • Customization as per your need
  • Quick and Fast Delivery
  • Professional Install Service
  • Pan India Supply

Some of Our Recent PVC Strip Curtain Installation

PVC Soft wall
PVC Soft wall for Car wash area

MS powder coated, frame reinforced to the ceiling. Attached to the frame is a aluminum fixture and Rollers and S hooks for easy movement and convenience of folding the curtain and cleaning them. Cuts noise, dust, loss of conditioned air and escape of metallic dust.

Our high quality 3 mm PVC strips are reinforced to a aluminium channel with necessary hardware which is fixed to the entrance the temporary structure

PVC Strip curtain sliding door
PVC Strip curtain sliding door

PVC Strip curtain sliding door of height 12 ft. Fixed on aluminum railing with rollers to enable sliding for movement of raw materiel and allows flexibility of movement of men with ease.

Welding Green PVC
Welding Green PVC

Welding Green PVC movable partition for use in areas where welding is done. Our Superior quality materiel helps to prevent the rays from effecting people in other areas. This is also Fire resistant and the flexibility allows the curtain to be shifted. Also it being translucent visibility of the work area is not affected either for supervision or any help that would be needed for the operator

PVC Soft Curtain
PVC Soft Curtain at Heavy Vehicle painting area

This extremely user friendly PVC Soft curtains is intricately design to ensure conditioned air containment, ensures dust and residue is effectively disposed through the exhaust duct. The Soft PVC wall is installed in a manner that it can be moved towards any side to enable movement of the product to be painted be it Car, bus, trucks, rail coaches and other heavy earth moving equipments. Cosyst’s expertise is an eye for details which is necessary in deploying this highly customised solution solution

Air Curtain
PVC Strip curtain and Air Curtain

PVC Strip Curtain and Air Curtain typically installed in heavy shuttered area which has frequent movement of men and materiel and to avoid escape of conditioned air, entry of insects and dust. This is a part of GMP specifications.

Anti Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtains
Anti Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtains

MS Support provided at a lower height from the actual opening to economize use of materiel with the RED coloured PVC to indicate the overall opening. Typically installed in Food industry.

Welding Green PVC Strip Curtain
Welding Green PVC Strip Curtain

Sophisticated welding zone needs attention to details to ensure that the harm ful rays / sparks / smoke and molten materiel do not escape to other areas which can cause serious damage to men and materiel around the work area. A special cubical was designed fabricated and installed ensuring ease of the activity.

PVC Strip Curtains
PVC Strip Curtains in Garment Industry

Dust is a major factor in garment industry. It is paramount to ensure that the existing dust from the fabric and dust that gets created during cutting or preparation does not affect the quality of the finished product. Our solution provides for isolating such areas while ensuring visibility and easy supervision.

PVC Soft Walls
PVC Soft Walls for Food Processing Industry

For certain section in the food processing industry isolation of a particular process is need for utmost hygiene. Cosyst provides end to end solution which includes support structure fabrication, necessary partition and PVC Soft Wall while making sure the operations is unhindered and also lends itself to the overall ambience.

PVC Strip Curtains
PVC Strip Curtains With SS Fixture

Our in-depth understanding of Pharmaceutical and food processing industry has led to the development of SS fixture to prevent rusting or corrosion of the fixture due to high moisture content in the manufacturing process.

PVC Strip Curtains
PVC Strip curtains in Food Processing industry

In integrated manufacturing areas to bifurcate departments and processes, PVC Strip doors are effective as to does no allow noise and odor to permeate.

PVC Strip Curtains
PVC Strip Curtains

Effectively installed in a large shop floor for materiel movement which are sparingly opened while movement of people is through a separate entrance . Both protected by PVC Strip Curtains to maintain a clean environment

PVC Strip Curtains
PVC Strip Curtains in Baking Industry

Installed at Chef Baker, food grade PVC Strip curtains helps in maintaining high level of Hygiene and retention of temperature to ensure consistent end product. Rest assured there is no contamination of food even if it were to come in contact with the curtain and is a integral part of Good Manufacturing Practice (GPM)

PVC Strip Curtains
PVC Strip Curtains along with Hermitical sealed doors

In a typical pharma and food processing industry, to avoid contamination, odour and micro dust, PVC Strip curtains are reinforced along with Hermetically sealed doors.

PVC Soft Curtains
PVC soft curtains at Luke India

Luke India needed a specific solution to protect their jigs and tools from dust settling on the same. This resulted in minimum cleaning and damage to the tools increasing productivity, accuracy and longevity.

PVC Soft Curtains
PVC Soft Curtains to create cubicles in Shop Floor

During assembly of certain engineering / electronic products, our turnkey solution helps in creating a isolated area as and when needed. This highly customized solution included design of the and execution of the MS structure, top covered by using transparent poly carbonate sheet and sides with PVC. This system is portable and can be moved to any location with the factory.

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